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The game has a fun plotline that ties in with the other K-1 World GP games, as well as getting a mention in the K-1 World Grand Prix 12th World Championship Rulebook. References External links Category:2008 video games Category:PlayStation 2 games Category:PlayStation Portable games Category:Versus fighting games Category:Video games developed in Japan Category:Xbox games Ask HN: Some MIT courses you loved and wish to take again? - kiyanwang I'm about to enter my final year at MIT, after taking a total of three courses. Some of the courses I have taken have been absolutely fantastic and taught me many things. That's why I'm starting to wonder if I can take those courses again during my undergrad degree. ====== herbst I didnt follow the whole thread but I am curious why anyone would want to do that at all. The general public never goes to MIT to take courses i guess. A new technique to induce selective degeneration of the hippocampus and behavioral deficits in rats. The authors present a new technique to induce selective degeneration of the hippocampus and behavioral deficits in rats. Degeneration of the hippocampus is induced by an injection of excitotoxin, ibotenic acid (IBO), into the CA3 region of the hippocampus. As a result, cell loss in the CA3 region is greatest in the apical 3,000 microm of the CA3 region and decreases progressively toward the hilus of the dentate gyrus. There is a 4-fold increase in acetylcholinesterase activity in the dentate gyrus, as compared to control animals, and a progressive decrease in the activity in stratum lacunosum moleculare. However, there is no change in acetylcholinesterase activity in the CA1 region of the hippocampus. Behavioral tests indicate that the animals develop behavioral deficits at 4 weeks postinjection and are considered to be in the mildly impaired stage of recovery, at 9 weeks postinjection. The technique appears to be specific for the hippocampus and allows detailed examination of the functional and morphological consequences of selective removal of hippocampal neurons.Image caption Berwick was a ward for the elderly at the start of the century A new museum will tell the story of one of Britain's best-known hospitals, the Royal



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